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Site mix vs ready mix

TNR Ready Mix has worked hard to provide the highest level of concrete quality and customer service.

Ready Mix Concrete
01 Consistent Quality- concrete is made in high tech batching plants in a computerized environment.

02 Construction in double quick time.

03 Raw materials are chosen after strict quality checks

04 Large quantities of concrete can be ordered. This allows you to upgrade yourself and handle projects of any size

05 No wastage of raw materials at your site. Everything is pre-mixed at our plants, based on your needs.

06 No hassle of managing labour on site. We supply ready-to-use concrete. Our well-equipped technical crew will handle the pouring and patching of concrete at the site.

07 Safe work practices – no disruption in your schedule.

08 You don’t have to stock materials and watch over them. There’s no worry about pilferage as the concrete is directly supplied to your site when you need it.
Site Mix Concrete
01 Quality is inconsistent–because concrete is hand mixed.

02 Manual mixing is time consuming. Projects take longer time to finish.

03 Quality of raw materials is manually checked. Or not checked at all.

04 Takes more time. Repeated mixing needs to be done for large quantities as the mixer will be too small to handle the requirement.

05 High wastage of raw materials due to manual mixing.

06 Involves the use of labourers for mixing the concrete on site. Management of labour means more time, efforts and money.

07 Highly unsafe. Unskilled and untrained labourers may work carelessly resulting in dangerous working conditions.

08 Risk of pilferage of raw materials is high. Housekeeping could be poor due to piles of stocks lying at the site.

  A division of TNR Constructions
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