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Product and Services

TNR Concrete's experienced logistics team works closely with you to ensure that the concrete of requisite quality is delivered on time and in the appropriate quantities.

At TNR Ready Mixed Concrete are committed to excellence. Our products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art, fully automated, and computerised concrete batching plants. In these well-equipped plants, we manufacture concrete mixes which comply with the various provisions of Indian Standards.

Apart from concrete mixes of various grades, we also produce special concretes such as:

01. Early Strength concrete:
» Preferred for its early setting and compressive strength.
   Use it for concreting in cold weather, construction that
   requires high initial resistance for formwork removal.

02. Fluid Concrete:
» Easier to place
» Better finishing with less vibration
» Minimizes the risk of honeycombing and defaults
   Use it for walls when better facing is required/ medium to    high densities of reinforcement

03. High Strength Concrete
» Flow ability and compressive strength guaranteed
» You can build columns with a high relation L/D (length/    diameter)
   Use it for columns and any application that requires high    performance concrete

04. Light Weight Concrete
» Mortar mix of lighter weight contributes to reduction of cost    to overall structural design
» For various applications due to its flowable property, ie    screeding & void filling
» Sound and thermal insulation
» Although it is a low density concrete, it can be pumped to    the height necessary
» Better insulating capability vs standard concrete
   Use it for mortar screed (floor & roof), light weight precast    blocks / panels, backfill and void filling, insulating Floors of    building structure

05. RM 12 BL
» No requirement for power or water at the jobsite
» No requirement for storage of materials
» Cost effective and easy to place Use it for brick laying    purposes

06. Self Compacting Concrete
» High fluidity / viscosity
» 2 hours slump retention
» Labour for placement greatly reduced
» No vibration needed
» Quick unloading and placing
» Better adhesion to rebar
   Use it for walls with large openings, slab-on-grade,    elevated slabs, difficult formwork designs, congested steel    reinforcement

07. Temperature Control Concrete
» Manages the heat of hydration to a given maximum temp.
» Minimize the risk of thermal cracking Use it for Mass pour
   raft slabs and big concrete elements Use it for mass pour-    raft slabs and big concrete elements

08. Fill
» Pumpable, easy to place
» Highly flexible
» High load carrying capacity
» No need to use any equipment
» Less permeable
   Use it for foundations, closure of pits/mines/burrows    canals and coverage of sewage/cable/water pipe channels.


At TNR Ready Mixed Concrete is produced in its fully automated and computerized concrete batching plants. TNR Concrete manufactures and supplies concrete mixes, which are designed in its well-equipped laboratories as per established procedures to comply with various provisions of Indian Standards. TNR Concrete's experienced logistics team works closely with you to ensure that the concrete of requisite quality is delivered on time and in the appropriate quantities.
Apart from concrete mixes of various grades, TNR Concrete also produces special concretes such as:

» High Performance Concrete
» Self Compacting Concrete (SCC)
» Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC)
» Colored Concrete
» Heavy Density Concrete

TNR Concrete has the experience and the ability to design, produce and deliver a wide range of ready mixed concrete variants to meet specific requirements.

TNR's fleet of Transit Mixers and Concrete Pumps helps ensure that our customers just a phone call away from TNR Concrete - freshly blended premium quality concrete that is door delivered and efficiently placed at site on the day of concreting.

For very large constructions or infrastructure works, we can consider dedicating an entire RMX plant catering exclusively to the project sites. In addition, our marketing team, which includes qualified and experienced engineers and concrete technologists, can assist customers in defining and specifying quality standards, designing specific concrete mixes to meet the most challenging of requirements as well as sourcing reliable supplies of good quality raw materials.
Our Regional Offices have Customer Services Cells manned by qualified Civil Engineers who interact with customers to assess their needs and problems, offer advice before and after sales including educating users and customers on correct usage of cement and concrete and good construction practices.
TNR reaches out to its customers, home builders and engineers in the following ways:

» TNR Help Centers: For personal guidance on the right construction practices.

» TNR Help Literature: Easy-to-understand construction guides.


A fully computerized batching plant with operations for data management and batching functions and delivery notes eliminates human errors to guarantee consistent concrete produced batch after batch. A twin shaft mixer, the latest innovation in mixer technology uniform mixing of batch.

» Timely delivery
» Consistent quality of concrete
» Enhanced service levels
» Own Quality Control
» Projects based concrete plant
» Uncompromised Raw materials
» Value for money
  A division of TNR Constructions
(An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company)
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